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Nurse Deals

"The Calling" Metal Print (pre-order)

$ 28.00

Enter your name and title below. It will be incorporated into the design at the time of production.

Nursing has never been just a job, it is our calling!


We are proud to announce our very first personalized metal printed panels. This form of printing is very time consuming. We will be producing 20 prints for our first production run. After the first 20 pre-orders, this item will show as sold out. We will be making another run of 20 pieces in July.

How it works:

We first print the custom artwork on transfer paper using Fine Art Inkjet pigments. Using high heat and pressure, the transfer is then vaporized into a special coating on the aluminum panel. The result: the materials form a permanent bond, making the print extremely robust. This method is called thermal sublimation. The exceptionally vivid color is very durable, which is why this Metal Print will forever stand the test of time. 

  • Available in 4 Sizes
  • Your name and title is incorporated into the bell of the stethoscope
  • All hanging hardware is included


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