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Special Edition Mystery Box: By Invite Only

$ 199.00

Special Edition Mystery Box: By Invite Only
Many items in your box will be personalized for you. Please enter your name/title. Title is optional, but if you want it included please be sure to enter it along with your name. Be sure to check your spelling! Your customization will be EXACTLY as what you enter below.
Please enter your Full Name. First, middle and last name.

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Get ready for the greatest Mystery Box ever produced! All custom. All personalized. 20+ items inside. Each piece created just for YOU!


This Mystery Box is not visible on our website. It can only be accessed via an invitational email. Do not confuse this Special Edition Box for the 2024 Mystery Box. The 2024 Box is available for purchase on our website. 

If you received an invite that means you have previously received one of our Mystery Boxes.

Due to what we will be creating, we can only produce 25 Special Edition Boxes.

All pre-order reservations will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at

If you decide to reserve one of the 25 Special Edition Boxes, a member from our customer support team will be sending you a followup email to obtain a bit more information in order for us to create your One of a Kind Box.


Q: What is the difference between the Ladies Cut and the Unisex/Men's Cut?

A:  The Unisex/Men's cut is a boxier/looser fit in a style that can be worn by both men or women. The ladies cut is more narrow in the shoulders and wider in the hips.

Unisex/Men's Cut is sized based on men's measurements. Recommendation: When ordering unisex products for women, we recommend to order a size smaller. For example, a woman that typically wears a large in a ladies cut should order a medium unisex/men's cut.

Q: How long will the Special Edition Nurse Mystery Box take to arrive?

A: Around 6 months. We are not saying that your Box will not arrive sooner, BUT the items that we are creating for this Box are very different compared to what we have included inside your previous Boxes. Night and day. So please be aware that this Box will take a bit of time for us to create. As always, the wait will be more than worth it. 

Q: What is different from the previous Mystery Boxes that I had received.

A: We cannot tell you what types of items will be included inside the Special Edition Mystery Box, but we will tell you that you will be shocked at what we are planning on producing. The items that will be going into production for your Box are items that we have never attempted to create before. Every item inside will be high end one of a kind originals. Truly best of the best!

Q: How many Special Edition Boxes are you creating?

A: 25 Special Edition Boxes will be created.

10 - Gold Boxes (Really really good)
10 - Platinum Boxes (Incredible)
5 - Diamond Boxes (You're not going to believe your eyes!)

Q: Will I receive similar items that were in my previous Boxes? 

A: 100% NOT. This Special Edition Box will contain items that not only have never been created for YOU before, but we have never created them before. Period! Every Single Item inside this Box will be unique and one of a kind. 


Please make sure you choose the correct style AND size: If you have a question about the sizing please send us an email at

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