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Nurse Mystery Box

$ 199.00

Nurse Mystery Box
Many items in your box will be personalized for you. Please enter your name/title. Title is optional, but if you want it included please be sure to enter it along with your name. Be sure to check your spelling! Your customization will be EXACTLY as what you enter below.
Please enter your Full Name. First, middle and last name.

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Special Edition Nurse Mystery Box: By Invitation Only: Limited Production of 50 Boxes Only.

Get ready for the greatest Mystery Box EVER produced! All custom! All personalized! 20+ items inside. Each piece crafted just for YOU!!


This Mystery Box is not visible on our website. It can only be accessed via an invitational email. 

Due to what we will be including inside each Box, we can only produce 50 of these Special Edition Mystery Boxes.

All pre-orders will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

If you decide to place your order, please be aware of the production time. If you are not comfortable with the wait time, please do not place an order for this Mystery Box. Thank you for understanding.
ATTENTION: PLEASE double check your SIZE. Double check the spelling of your name and title. Double check everything. ALL items inside are custom and personalized for you. They cannot be exchanged or returned. If you have questions pertaining to sizing or anything else, please email us at Thank you. 

***Make sure to order under the same email as previous times. This is to ensure you do not receive any items that are even remotely similar to what you may have received in your previous Mystery Boxes.


Get ready to be amazed, because this Special Edition Nurse Mystery Box is here and it's leaving us speechless! Are you prepared to be blown away? Shrouded in secrecy and designed to captivate, this box is jam-packed with surprises that will make you wonder how we did it. We've pulled out all the stops to make it extra special - custom pieces galore! 

With this Box, we're truly pushing the boundaries of customization like never before. Our production team has poured their heart and soul into creating unique one of a kind pieces just for you. Every single piece inside this Mystery Box is a meticulously crafted luxurious masterpiece!


With 3 tiers to choose from - Gold, Platinum, or the legendary Diamond Box - each box is filled with custom, personalized, and one-of-a-kind goodies. The higher the tier, the more personalized surprises await.

We will be producing:

25- Gold Boxes 
15 - Platinum Boxes 
10 - Diamond Boxes



Q: What is the difference between the Ladies Cut and the Unisex/Men's Cut?

A:  The Unisex/Men's cut is a boxier/looser fit in a style that can be worn by both men or women. The ladies cut is more narrow in the shoulders and wider in the hips.

Unisex/Men's Cut is sized based on men's measurements. Recommendation: When ordering unisex products for women, we recommend to order a size smaller. For example, a woman that typically wears a large in a ladies cut should order a medium unisex/men's cut.


Q: How long will the Special Edition Nurse Mystery Box take to arrive?

A: 4-6 months. Particularly the Platinum and Diamond Boxes. We're not saying it can't arrive earlier, but only place your order if you can wait up to 180 days. 


Q: Why does it take so long to ship?

A: Quality takes time, but the wait will be worth it. We will say it again. The wait will be worth it. This is a promise!

Your box will contain personalized items, meticulously crafted just for you. From fit to design, everything is tailored to meet your needs. Made in-house at our Pennsylvania facility, this Box is a reflection of our commitment to quality and a symbol of dedication and excellence to the nursing profession. Not a single corner will be cut! Perfection inside every Box!


Q: Why are you producing less Boxes this year?

A: Without doubt, this Box is our most ambitious Box yet. Which unfortunately means that our production team's capability has been reduced to 50 Mystery Boxes this time around, unlike last year's limit of 300.

This year, we will be producing:
25 - Gold Boxes 
15 - Platinum Boxes 
10 - Diamond Boxes


Q: Why is it taking longer this year than previous years?

A: Good things take time and this Special Edition Nurse Mystery Box will contain our most unique collection yet! Get ready for a box full of one-of-a-kind custom goodies that are worth the wait. Platinum and Diamond boxes are the real showstoppers! Over several months, our Mystery Boxes are carefully crafted with love, for our hard working Nurses. No shortcuts here, just personalized treasures in every box.


Q: Will I receive similar items if I ordered last year's box? 

A: No. We keep meticulous records on what each nurse has already received. We make sure not to send doubles of anything. Make sure to order using the same email as previous times. 

    Please make sure you choose the correct style AND size: If you have a question about the sizing please send us an email at
    *Please note: Customized items cannot be returned or exchanged. DOUBLE CHECK your size, style, name and title and everything you submit for customization.

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