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Nurse Deals

Nurse Mystery Box (PRE-ORDER ONLY)
Many items in your box will be personalized for you. Please enter your name/title. Title is optional, but if you want it included please be sure to enter it along with your name. Be sure to check your spelling! Your customization will be EXACTLY as what you enter below.
If your mystery box contains scrubs, we will be sure to include a color that is allowed by your facility. This only applies to the color of scrubs. Other items in your box will be a variety of colors. (not all mystery boxes are guaranteed to have scrubs, but we need to know the color in case your box does)
Please enter your Full Name. First, middle and last name.

Customizations Total: $ 0.00

Most items inside are not individually for sale in our store. Unique one of a kind items inside each Mystery Box.
This year, we will be producing:

350 - Gold Boxes 
250 - Platinum Boxes (limited number remaining)
100 - Diamond Boxes (limited number remaining)

Please note: The Diamond Box requires a signature. You will schedule the best time to ensure someone is home to sign.

* Make sure to order under the same email as previous times. This is to ensure you do not receive any items you may have received in previous Mystery Boxes. 

It's that time of year again... our annual Nurse Mystery Box!!!

Each box contains a plethora of nursing related goodies. You have the option to choose between 3 tiers this year. A Gold box, A Platinum Box or the Diamond Box.

The higher the box, the more custom and personalized goodies it will contain. 


Q: How long will the 2022 Nurse Mystery Box take to arrive?

A: UP TO 16 Weeks. Yes, 4 months. We're not saying it can't arrive earlier, but only place your order if you can wait up to 4 months. 

Q: Why does it take so long to ship?

A: Quality takes time. Seriously. And this years Box is just so unique. The personalized items inside are unlike anything we've ever done before.

Each piece inside your box will be customized for YOU. The fit, the name, the title, the design.... everything is customized individually for you, The Nurse. Many of the items are made in house at our production facility in Pennsylvania. 

Q: Why are you selling less boxes this year than last?

A: We simply don't have the means to produce more boxes. They are very time consuming to put together and this years box contains almost twice as many personalized items as last. 

Q: Will I receive similar items if I ordered last years box? 

A: No. We keep meticulous records on what each nurse has already received. We make sure not to send doubles of anything. Make sure to order under the same email as previous times. 

    Please make sure you choose the correct style: If you have a question about the difference between a 'ladies cut' and a 'unisex cut' please send us an email at
    *Please note: Customized items cannot be returned or exchanged. 

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